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For decades, professionals across the relationship sector have consistently reported that when ten specific areas are aligned in a relationship fewer problems exist. Despite this knowledge, traditional assessment tools used across the field have continued to focus simply on personality type comparisons rather than these key areas. Now, our certified expert in psychometric testing, who also has extensive experience in couples therapy, has developed an assessment which targets these ten vital areas of relationship compatibility.

We know that at one point or another you will always ask the compatibility question. Following a first date we only know about 5% of that total person and, after as long as seven years as a couple, we still only know between 40% to 60% about our partners – no wonder so many relationships find it tough going.

The ConeXsions assessment gives a couple scientifically based insight into key areas of compatibility in their relationship so that you know at the outset what the strengths are and where the pitfalls lie.

ConeXsions Assessment

10 Minute Questionnaire focusing on 10 key attitudes

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