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What is Conexsions?

ConeXsions is a ground-breaking scientifically designed method of assessing relationship compatibility that identifies what will likely hold you back from a more fulfilling relationship. Through the ConeXsions, you will gain a deeper and broader understanding of yourself and the type of partner you would be most compatible with.

The ConeXsions Pillars

ConeXsions maps your relationship profile against ten pillars of relationship success which are based on over twenty-five years of psychological observations of relationship successes and failures. To maximize your understanding of your Conexsions profile and how it can be used in your specific relationship we provide the Conexsions Conversation Framework® which gives step-by-step prompts on how to apply your new knowledge.

Why do I need ConeXsions?

There is so much more to a relationship than we see on the surface. Successful relationships depend on both people knowing themselves and how they compliment each other. All good relationships require effort and taking time to both understand your strengths and areas of improvement.

If you better understand what you both want from a relationship you are more likely to have a stronger connection and work out any challenge together.


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