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How will ConeXsions help me find a better partner?

We are all unique with our own strengths and areas for improvement. There is no perfect partner out there, but there certainly are people who will be better suited to your specific profile. ConeXsions will help you find a more compatible match.

How do i best implement the results from my assessment?

Your results will both indicate areas that you believe are really important and that you may be good at. Your results will also indicate areas that you may need to pay more attention to and which may impede a potential relationship. This insight will be really helpful in making sure and your chosen partner are going to work.

What does it mean to invest in a current or future relationship?

All relationship counsellors and therapists will agree that insight and understanding are vital to starting a healthy relationship. The key to it lasting will be to know how your profile fits into and compliments another persons profile. Your investment will be in gaining this knowledge and learning new skills.

How can the results of the assessment improve my self-confidence?

Many people don’t realize their attractive attributes. Knowing your ConeXsions profile will give you confidence in knowing what will attract others to you and what strengths will be to your advantage.

How can the assessment help me to be a better partner?

Once you have clear insight into your blind spots or those areas that you may not even be aware will affect your relationship negatively, you will know exactly what to be aware of and work on to be the ideal partner.

How can the assessment help strengthen my existing relationship?

Greater insight and understanding will positively affect any relationship. Knowing how you may complement each other if key as one partner’s strength often makes up for the other person’s weakness. No two people are the same and ConeXsions will show how those differences could work in your favor.

How will the the results help improve my chances of establishing a deeper long term relationship?

Knowing you are not well matched with someone will prevent you from wasting your time. Having insight into who you could work with in a relationship will give you a better chance of having that deeper long term relationship. Lastly, knowing what you need to work on will also make you worth keeping around.

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