You will not survive without communication.

It’s a known research fact that no more than 7% of what we are saying verbally gets understood by the person we are talking to (Albert Mehrabian, 1971) .

Do we need to be the same or different to be happier?

One of the myths that have been around for a long time is this belief that you have to be with someone that is similar to you. That you must have the same interests and have a similar personality style. This is both true and false lets elaborate on this: Many introverts are more attracted […]

Actionable Tips for Improving Communication

Learn to calm yourself down early and often In moments where we feel very passionately about something, be it a problem, an idea, an experience.

What are the effects of stress on a Relationship?

Stress in relationships is never easy. How can we cope with the negative impacts brought by stress? What are the positives that come from stress? We help to give an overview of stress in relationships and tips and tricks to use to improve dealing with stress in any and all relationships